Friday, March 29, 2013

CmartyMar Extinct::Primate Brooch

Yes...Yaaaas its been a minute but we are back (mutha fvckas)!! The blog has been dry AF (my apologies) but we are back with a new flare. A new blog site will be coming soon with a new name so stay tuned and the CmartyMar accessories are back with vengeance. During the hiatus we created a webstore [] and also created a new Bantu Bead line that will be hitting Extra Buttery shelves soon #staytuned. Below are some closer look pics at the new Extinct::Primate brooch which is currently available at Thank your patience! Take a look

Monday, July 23, 2012

::Cadillac.Convo:: Steve Doz

Figured we'd finally branch off and put some real time motion pictures for you all to see. Somehow offer our viewers more in a sense. Anywho, Steve Doz for you..Gotta love this fucking guy::..

::Moment with Doz.... from jonathan martin on Vimeo.



Sunday, July 15, 2012

>>::My 9 to 5..

:: Set your own work hours and spend these hot ass summer weekdays soaking up rays and enjoying the vibes:: I pray to God I don't catch skin cancer out here in these streets!

<<::King Assembly::>>

Gathering of greats on a warm suburban summer evening. Keeping it surreal as always::..
::Shoutouts to Bodegas and Liquor Stores for the wave::

In front of the lens for a change but behind shadows 

Inspiration :: Shoutout to the random drunk poetic dude with face tattoos I met downtown last Wednesday. He said "stop fuckin around and start shootin' some high contrast B&W!" Shortly after he asked me if I had crack of the realest muthafuckers I've met all summer.
Photos:::: @_zordon  instagram

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wavy Antics::..

Whenever the prolific, gold sealed, bottled glass of Hennesy.."Yak".."brown"..(blackman's kryptonite) is cracked amongst the brothers, mayhem and inebriated wavery is to be expected. On this epic night of freeness and livity, I made a trip downtown with the dopest piff pushers of all time. Myself and these two Ganja gatherers cruised threw the elusive streets of gotham city with nothing to lose and only memories to gain. Ahh a  Wednesday night to go down in the books indeed:::...